Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 10
Page No. 2286 - 2293

Composite Messaging System for Traffic Management in Smart Cities

Authors : J. SasiBhanu, K.V.S. Sreeharsha, K. Vyshnavi and J.K.R. Sastry

Abstract: An intelligent traffic management system can be conceived through many of individual sub systems which include bio sensing, remote sensing, imaging, cognitive expert systems, messaging, visualization, integrated hybrid communication system. Each of the sub systems while is expected to work independently, should also be in existence in unison along with other sub systems. Messaging systems helpsin showing traffic routes by using electronic signs to send real time information to travelers about events and traffic conditions so that motorist can take instantaneous decisions to travel in the right directions. Information that should be displayed on the message sign include speed limit, traffic flow, congestions, diversions, road closures, alternative routes, hazardous situations, work ahead, in-coming traffic situation, weather condition, the date, time, temperature, availability of public transport etc. The efficiency of the message display is dependent on many factors that are supported by different technologies in use. There has not been a single technology that is capable of all message display requirements. For efficient messaging a composite system that considers all the messaging requirements has to be supported. In this study, a survey on technologies that can be usedfor displaying sign related messages on the sign boards across the traffic route for giving guidance to the drivers for moving their vehicles in the sign directions have been presented and an extent to theses technologies could meet the Traffic monitoring and controlling requirements has been presented. A composite messaging system that is amenable for traffic management within smart cities has been presented.

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J. SasiBhanu, K.V.S. Sreeharsha, K. Vyshnavi and J.K.R. Sastry, 2016. Composite Messaging System for Traffic Management in Smart Cities. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11: 2286-2293.

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