Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 22
Page No. 6104 - 6107

Modern Technologies in Education Management

Authors : B.B. Sultanova, G.K. Nurgalieva, G.E. Zhunisova, Zh.K. Kupenova and E.N. Nessipbekov

Abstract: Today, modernis considered as one of the main resources of social development and modern systems and technologies are as a means to improve the performance and efficiency of the people. The most common modern systems and technologies are used in the production, management and financial operations, although, progress began in the minds of people employed in other areas, on the need for their implementation and active use. Modern technologies have existed for a long time, so with the development of computers and communications, they began to appear in different variations: “Modern and Communication Technologies”, “Computer Modern Technologies”, etc. Modern technology is the integration of computers, electronics and communications. Almost every educated person has known the word “management”. In a simplified understanding of the management is the ability to achieve the set goals, using labor, intelligence, motivation of human behavior. Management means “control” and function, type of activity in leading the people in a variety of organizations. Manager all the time is to make decisions under conditions of great uncertainty. Computers act as consultants, the corresponding modern system is a system of decision support and decision-making rests with the manager. Modern technologies have properties that are useful for the management economist as they: help to overcome the gap between economics and mathematics; are the most effective carriers of modern methodssolving economic problems; contribute to the coordination procedures with the international economicrequirements; connect to a single modern space as economic and educational. An effective solution to control tasks and decision-making in complex economic systems are now inextricablyassociated with modern technology. Future economists in addition to theoretical training should have practical skills for implementation of various mathematical models and methods with the help of modern software tools. The purpose of thisresearch is to study the necessity of modern technologies in education management and its effectiveness. This research will discuss theissues ofmodern technologies and its application in sphere of education management. As well as the notion what is modern technology, management and management in education is identified.

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B.B. Sultanova, G.K. Nurgalieva, G.E. Zhunisova, Zh.K. Kupenova and E.N. Nessipbekov, 2017. Modern Technologies in Education Management. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 12: 6104-6107.

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