Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 8 SI
Page No. 6590 - 6596

Abstract: All indicators of the influence of forests on climate, hydrology, soil formation, sanitary and hygienic properties, recreational suitability of the territory of its growth can be reliably attributed to the ecological potential. Based on the comparative approbation of modern methods for assessing the ecological potential of forests, it is established that the landscape method is subjective as it does not give an idea of recreational fitness does not allow for mathematical processing of data but it can be used for preliminary characterization of the object. The integrated method reveals the quality of forests at the present time, allows to determine the reasons for its productivity decrease and to assess the prospects of forest use, although without specifying the objective function. According to the developed method of differentiated estimation, plantations are divided into groups: 1-standard (91-100 points) is not identified, 2-optimal (81-90) occupies 15% of the territory of the object, 3-normal (61-80) -34.5%, 4-lowered , 5-low, 6-crisis -19.9% and 7-zero -0.6%. All parameters of the ecological potential of the forest that affect the growth environment are expressed in terms of quantitative values and are divided into four groups: the sum of the values of climate-forming parameters is EKp; the sum of the values of water conservation and soil protection parameters is EBA; the sum of sanitary and hygienic values-ECr and the sum of the recreational parameters-EPk. These numerical parameters can serve as diagnostic indicators of the qualitative level of the ecological potential of forests and can be used when forest territory is included as an economic object in effective forestry relations for example, between the forest owner and the forest user (tenant).

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Rida R. Sultanova, Kamil M. Gabdrahimov, Alfat F. Khayretdinov, Svetlana I. Konashova, Vladimir F. Konovalov, Lyubov N. Blonskaya, Ildar G. Sabirzyanov, Maria V. Martynova, Regina R. Isyanyulova and Aydar K. Gabdelkhakov, 2018. Evaluation of Ecological Potential of Forests. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 6590-6596.

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