Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 11 SI
Page No. 8760 - 8767

Abstract: The study studies private land ownership development in rural areas of emerging economies including Russian regions in terms of their influence on investment growth in fixed assets in the sector. There is a statistical analysis of private land ownership development, a search for causes resulting in reduced investment activity of private owners of farmland in regions. Special emphasis is placed on recommendations to be worked out to encourage landowners to be involved in agricultural production development and land use profitability increase. The way privatization effects on private land ownership development and agricultural production output hasn't been studied properly. There are still many unsolved and controversial issues being studied both by foreign and domestic scholars. Some scientists claim that accelerated private land ownership right registration will contribute to development of large private land ownership. Others think it will primarily attract investments to the sector. In our opinion accelerated land privatization can lead to bigger private property and investment growth resulted from a number of factors. These can be as follows: profitability of agricultural production due to climatic conditions as well as the way farming is performed, established values and preferences indisposition of emerging land owners to work in farming business and have a proprietary attitude to the land.

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David D. Lukmanov, Gamir A. Habirov, Bubukan K. Kushubakova, Aigul F. Akhmadieva, Kamil R. Ismagilov, Ramil F. Fanisov, Gulnaz R. Iskuzhina, Gulnaz R. Valieva, Aliya A. Atazhanova and Jamilya R. Yumaguzhina, 2018. Private Land Ownership Development and Investments in the Agrarian Sector of Emerging Economies. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 8760-8767.

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