Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 11 SI
Page No. 8812 - 8818

Abstract: Choosing a primary cultivation method for a particular soil and climatic zone depends on an adopted crop cultivation technology a type of cultivated crops, soil moisture and soil erosion susceptibility. Depending on these factors mouldboard and subsoil ploughing and their combinations are used. They are performed by different working bodies located on an implement frame in one or more row schemes as well as in the reversible wedge. Thus, reasoning a construction diagram of a tiller providing the lowest draught resistance and the highest operation rate for tractors of different drawbar category has practical importance. The study presents theoretical relationships to find draught resistance and gravity force for different construction diagrams of tillers as well as operation rate of farm machinery in different operation conditions and at different engine power of a tractor. The resulting third-order equation to define the operation rate of a machine is solved by the Cardano formula. There are resulting relationships that make it possible to find the operation rate of machinery when there is a change in a machinery motion speed and plow width of tillers made according to different construction diagrams. The received data helps engineers when designing implements to find rational values of a machinery speed, tiller plow width to justify their construction diagram that provides higher operation rate of machinery when working in different soil and climatic conditions.

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Zinnur Rakhimov, Salavat Mudarisov, Ildar Gabitov, Rais Rakhimov, Ildar Rakhimov, Vadim Alyabiev, Lyailya Tarkhova, Ildar Farkhutdinov, Airat Mukhametdinov and Ruslan Gareev, 2018. Reasoning a Construction Diagram and Parameters of Tillers for Primary Cultivation. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 8812-8818.

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