Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 6
Page No. 1465 - 1467

Abstract: Natural food which make up the diet of farm animals does not always contain all the necessary substances. It is often quite difficult to replace one food with another in order to make good the deficit. One of the most important factors of efficiency of feeding as well as increasing the productivity of animals is the introduction of various supplements and preparations into their diet. Mineral supplements are given to animals to maintain normal life, form of bone and other tissues, stimulate metabolism and energy. Animals are more susceptible to diseases, give smaller amounts of milk and meat, reproduce worse with a lack of substances such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iron. Thanks to mineral supplements animals are maintained in a healthy state, normally reproduce and growing stock properly developed. In our research we studied the effect of the new mineral feed supplement "Tseostimul" on the quality of rabbit meat of the "Soviet chinchilla" breed. The studies were conducted on the basis of Miacro-Karatau farm on 100 animals. The first group was a control and received the main diet. In addition to the main ration, the drug "Tseostimul" was added to the second group in a dose of 1% by weight of the compound feed, to the third group -3% and the fourth group -5% by weight of the compound feed. The research showed that rabbit meat in terms of organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters comply with the requirements of GOST for fresh, benign meat.

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Sergey Y. Smolentsev, Irina I. Strelnikova, Natalia A. Shkaeva, Giyosiddin Abdikakhkhorov, Tatiana D. Abdyramanova, Valentina P. Korosteleva, Vsevolod Y. Ponomarev, Galina O. Ezhkova, Rashid M. Aslanov, Ilnur R. Kadikov, Nailya N. Mishina, Andrey I. Samsonov and Almaz R. Valiev, 2020. Characterization of Rabbit Meat Productivity in Applying Mineral Additive. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 15: 1465-1467.

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