Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2014
Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Page No. 11 - 14

Abstract: The nuts of Ricinodendron family have good nutritive value. The moisture rounded 6% with ashes varying from 2.6-13.3%. The lipids content are ranging from 39.7-65.97% and the carbohydrates up to 6.6%. The comparison of 3 lots harvested in R. Congo (Goka), Cameroon (Njansan) and D.R. Congo (Kingoma-Ngoma) gave great differences. The oil of Njansan has a α eleostearic acid to 40.98% while the oil of Goka contains 54.3% of linoleic acid as major component. The oil of Kingoma-Ngoma contains 39.42% of linoleic acid and 31.63% of linolenic acid. The thermal behavior gave a little contrast with one melting point at -30.5°C (Goka) or -27.1°C (Kingoma-Ngoma). The 3 nuts harvested in 3 countries of the central Africa are very different.

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Dzondo Gadet Michel, Okonza Pauwells, Moussounga Jacques Emmanuel, Pambou-Tobi Pamela Nadia, Matouba Excellent Vincent de Paul, Mvoula Tsieri Michel, Silou Thomas and Desobry Stephane, 2014. Nutritional Approach of Some Members of Ricinodendron Family by Physicochemical Analysis. Journal of Food Technology, 12: 11-14.

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