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Journal of Food Technology
Year: 2018 | Volume: 16 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 1-6
DOI: 10.36478/jftech.2018.1.6  
Modelling the Drying of Normal and Blanched Unripe Plaintain using the Oven Dryer
U.E. Inyang , I.O. Oboh and N.B. Okon
Abstract: Kinetic modelling of the drying of unripe plantain slices for normal and hot water blanched samples was determined experimentally as a function of drying temperature. The plantain slices were fully exposed to heat at 70°C with the use of laboratory drying oven. Experimental values for moisture ratios, percentage moisture content as well as drying rates with respect to drying time was determined. The drying experimental data obtained were fitted to thin layer drying kinetic models using the nonlinear regression method. Error measurements were carried out using Root Mean Squares Error (RMSE), reduced (χ2) and coefficient of determination (R2). The results showed that It the experimental data fitted the diffusion model with coefficient of determination value of 0.999267 followed by RMSE = 0.018159 and (χ2) = 0.00528 for the blanched sample studied, diffusion model was also gave the best fit of (R2)= 0.999724 followed by RMSE = 0.010277 and (χ2) = 0.000211 effective moisture Diffusivity (Deff ) was 1.05×10-5m2/h and 1.39×10-5m2/h for normal and blanched plantain samples, respectively this indicate that moisture diffusion as well as heat transfer were greater in blanched samples when compared to normal samples. This may be the cause of reduction in the total drying time.
How to cite this article:
U.E. Inyang, I.O. Oboh and N.B. Okon, 2018. Modelling the Drying of Normal and Blanched Unripe Plaintain using the Oven Dryer. Journal of Food Technology, 16: 1-6.
DOI: 10.36478/jftech.2018.1.6