Online Journal of Earth Sciences

Year: 2007
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Page No. 145 - 153

A Detailed Geologic Lineament Analysis Using Landsat TM Data of Golmarmara/Manisa Region, Turkey

Authors : K.S. Kavak and H. Cetin

Abstract: A lineament analysis using a Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) dataset of the Golmarmara (Manisa) region was performed to identify linear geologic features that could be attributed to paleotectonic and/or neotectonic structures. The main lithologies found in the area are metamorphic rocks of the Menderes Massif, carbonates of the Jurassic-Cretaceous, zmir-Ankara Zone melange of the Campanian-Danian and Neogene units. Being part of the Post Eocene-Pre Miocene Neo-Tethyan suture zone and being in a continental extensional tectonic zone since the Middle Miocene, the region exhibits many structural features. Directional edge enhancement techniques using convolution kernels were applied to band 5 of Landsat TM data to enhance these structures. Structural features enhanced with NW, N-S and E-W directional filtering were analyzed and interpreted in the light of paleotectonic and neotectonic evolution of the region. Initial results indicate that extensive NE and ENW trending lineament systems have developed in the region. Most of the ENW-SSE trending lineaments are associated with recent normal faulting connected to the extensional regime of Western Anatolia after the Middle Miocene period. On the other hand, some NE trending lineaments may be correlated with the thrust faults associated with the closing of the Izmir-Ankara ocean during the Upper Cretaceous-Late Eocene period. Moreover, the results showed that the lineaments mapped using the TM data are highly correlated with the recent geological findings of the Western Anatolia tectonics.

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K.S. Kavak and H. Cetin , 2007. A Detailed Geologic Lineament Analysis Using Landsat TM Data of Golmarmara/Manisa Region, Turkey. Online Journal of Earth Sciences, 1: 145-153.

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