Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Page No. 174 - 182

Toward an Integrative Approach to Form and Process Design in Architecture

Authors : Ali Chougui and Tacherifte Abdelmalek

Abstract: Technology is now changing architecture; in the emerging context, we see transformation in both process and product. The architect is now freed to create here-to-fore unaccomplished curvaceous form, additionally, new service areas are emerging in the information-age frontier marketplace. However, project delivery methodology is shifting from the traditional design-bid-build model, to an integrative collaborative design-build model where, often, the architect is not the project leader. Information technology, which refers to the use of electronic means to expand the limits of individual and organizational rationality, has traditionally been used to support the design process. A key characteristic of information technology is that, in addition to individual tasks, it can also support inter-task coordination, which is central to successful design. The intention of this study is to present a view of design based on 3 underlying functional elements: conception, development and implementation and propose a corresponding three-stage model of the design process. This model suggests a framework for the use of information technology to support the design process, further, this model supports the notion that proper coordination and communication among the design stages is central to the achievement of high quality in construction and a successful design process. The nature of the design process is dynamic and unfolding however, as design at each stage requires specialized knowledge and information from architecture, engineering and construction and any stage may necessitate the intervention of another stage for corrections, enhancements or revisions. As a result, continuous communication among the architect, the engineering team and the construction designer is central to the design process.

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Ali Chougui and Tacherifte Abdelmalek , 2008. Toward an Integrative Approach to Form and Process Design in Architecture. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 3: 174-182.

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