Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Page No. 192 - 201

Springback and Side Wall Curl of Metal Sheet in Plain Strain Deep Drawing

Authors : Ghaith G. Hameed, Muhsin J. Jweeg and Ali Hussein

Abstract: In the industrial forming of metal sheet or plate component by means of bending operation, a constant problem is the change of shape, or Springback of the formed part under the stress that are released elastically when the forming load is removed, for the close tolerance forming of such component, an accurate means of calculating the Springback is of great value, as this enables a corrective allowance to be made when designing and performing the forming operation itself. In this research, the effect of material type, sheet thickness, blankholder force, punch speed rate, rolling direction and friction conditions on springback values were studied analytically under the plane strain conditions, Springback device has been designed and manufactured experimentally with a specimen. These devices can carry out all the tests of the Springback. The results showed the effect of the parameters on the die angle, punch angle and the sidewall curvature. by using MATLAB program, a polynomial function could be estimate the relationship between all the parameters to find the value of slops and curvature with fixed dimensions: die Angle = 1.8519x3 - 2.9630x2 - 1.0926x + 13.3222, punch Angle = -2.7778x3 + 8.6111x2 - 10.4444x + 21.7667, radius of Curvature = 1.1111x3 - 1.7778x2 + 1.3444x + 5.0933, where x is the holdown force value between (200-1100 N).

How to cite this article:

Ghaith G. Hameed, Muhsin J. Jweeg and Ali Hussein, 2009. Springback and Side Wall Curl of Metal Sheet in Plain Strain Deep Drawing. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 4: 192-201.

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