Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2012
Volume: 7
Issue: 9
Page No. 458 - 465

Teacher Perspectives on Work Performance: A Review in High School Riau Province, Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Authors : M. Nur Mustafa

Abstract: This study aimed to examine the perspectives of teachers at State High School (SMA) in the Municipality of Pekanbaru towards the performance of their work. This study involves the phenomenon of the existing educational practices in schools; therefore a survey using the questionnaire is conducted. The purpose is for data collection which contains 20 items related to four components, namely, teaching plans, handling the process of teaching and learning, assessment and provision of materials recovery and enrichment. Total 327 teachers were randomly selected from Pekanbaru High School as the samples. Mean analysis was used to measure the level of performance while one-way ANOVA test and MANOVA used to evaluate the differences of performance between male and female teachers and work experience. The findings showed that the level of performance for Pekanbaru High School teachers in all components studied was low and yet not successful in creating an effective teaching. This happened because of the influenced of many factors involving the teachers’ spirit and the environmental contingencies. Therefore, teachers need to increase their capability and competency on an ongoing basis through training in order to improve their professionalism level as well as their delivery service. If the work performance measured based on gender, female teachers rise above the male teachers in term of creating effective teaching whilst in terms of work experience, the teachers from category I (4-9 years experience) performed better than the teachers in category II (10-15 years experience) and III (16-25 years of work experience). In conclusion, teachers must identify their weaknesses and maintain the momentum of excellence in providing the best services. Experienced teacher should depict competence and a better quality of service and not vice versa.

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M. Nur Mustafa , 2012. Teacher Perspectives on Work Performance: A Review in High School Riau Province, Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 458-465.

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