Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Page No. 25 - 27

Investigation Effects Environmental Pollution on Aquatic Life

Authors : Selvinaz Yakan, Gina Raluca Kerkmann and Telat Yanik

Abstract: Environmental pollutants, agricultural and industrial waste, emissions or pollution, the aquatic or terrestrial environment pouring also defined as chemicals from treated and untreated sewage. These toxic substances by interfering with the endocrine system of humans and animals physiology, endocrinology and general impact on the health aspects are different. The two most important groups of these substances, heavy metals and pesticides creates. Need the protection of human health and nutrition in terms of both the economic benefits of pesticides, due to its resistance to degradation of natural water, soil and air pollution causes and ecological systems are destabilized. While the majority of pesticides effective for target organisms, human and non-target harm to other living things are. Especially, resistant to natural degradation and soluble in fatty tissue organochlorine pesticides, harmful to all living things accumulate in my biyoekosiste can reach levels. Nature, intentionally or unintentionally discarded chemicals, industrial waste resulting from the mixture of chemical pollution is pollution. The chemicals currently regarded as an impurity of heavy metal contamination can arise from various sources be resistant to environmental conditions and can easily enter the food chain due to their in vivo accumulate with increasing concentrations of other chemical pollutants are in the first place. Studies indicate that water contaminated by environmental pollutants. Investigation of pesticides and heavy metals in water level will give us information on environmental pollution rights.

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Selvinaz Yakan, Gina Raluca Kerkmann and Telat Yanik, 2015. Investigation Effects Environmental Pollution on Aquatic Life. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 10: 25-27.

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