Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 879 - 883

Analysis of Character Education Policy in Indonesian School to Improve the ASEAN Economic Community

Authors : Anita Trisiana

Abstract: Today the idea of global citizenship has emerged. Besides, global citizenship is not something tangible but rather a moral or ethical stance on the need for protection of the rights of citizens in a global context. This study approach is qualitative whereas the method is qualitative descriptive. The study instrument is researchers and data collecting technique that was used is in-depth interviews to teachers and students in Surakarta, documentation in the community data, parties data and statistic data. The study location is Surakarta city. The study objects were people in Surakarta, Data is being processed and analyzed through interactive model, analysis data preparation, analysis data sorting, digging deep meaning to the data, presenting the data and create a broader interpretation of the meaning of the data. Based on the results we concluded that: In order to improve the ASEAN community, in the global context, a citizen has an important role to be a good citizen who can participate in implementing public policy. Character education, one of government policies, needs to be applied. Along with the grand design of the implementation of character education, it is not only done within the family but also in the community and education units. In units of education, especially in schools, character education forms an expectation and a challenge to be able to be applied effectively as one pillar and supporter of the ASEAN community in line with the principles of global citizenship.

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Anita Trisiana , 2016. Analysis of Character Education Policy in Indonesian School to Improve the ASEAN Economic Community. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 879-883.

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