Surgery Journal

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Page No. 29 - 34

Mirror Laryngoscopy: A Review of 43 Cases

Authors : A.O. Olaosun, A.S. Oguntola, O. Adegbosin and A. Akinloye

Abstract: This is a retrospective study of forty three mirror laryngoscopies done in a Teaching Hospital in Osogbo, Nigeria. Age range was 24-75, age group 30-39 being the mode (32.6% of cases). The m:f ratio was 1:1.5. The commonest indication was pre-operative evaluation for thyroidectomy (46.5%). Among these 80% were female and 20%, male. Laryngoscopy findings were normal in 95% of this group. Other indications were: Hoarseness (37.2%), Globus pharyngeus (9.3%), foreign bodies in the throat (4.7%) and Dysphagia (2.3%). There were more males (56.5%) than females (43.5%) among those who had IDL done for other indications. For this group, there were positive findings in 69.6% all the cases presenting with hoarseness-laryngeal masses in 50%, hyperaemia and indurations in 31.25%, Singers nodes in 12.5% and Vocal Cord Paralysis in 6.25%. About 81.25% proceeded to theatre and the results of biopsies were carcinoma in 30.46%, laryngeal tuberculosis in 30.77% and chronic non specific laryngitis in 38.46%. The negative cases presented with Globus pharyngeus (57.1%), foreign body in the throat (28.6%) and Dysphagia (14.3%). It is concluded that Mirror Laryngoscopy remains a very useful procedure and there needs to be a deliberate effort to prevent it from slipping into obscurity. It confirms a direct correlation between hoarseness and laryngeal disease; its done most commonly in the 4th decade and more frequently pre-thyroidectomy than for laryngeal disease. Generally, it is done more commonly in females and may not be necessary pre-thyroidectomy except there are specific indications.

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A.O. Olaosun, A.S. Oguntola, O. Adegbosin and A. Akinloye, 2009. Mirror Laryngoscopy: A Review of 43 Cases. Surgery Journal, 4: 29-34.

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