The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Page No. 144 - 148

Gender Dynamics and Homeownership in Kampala Trapped by Laws: A Sociogical Perspective

Authors : Florence Akiiki Asiimwe

Abstract: In this study present the existing laws of Uganda and how these enable or inhibit married women, widows in or from owning a matrimonial home has been presented. The supreme law of Uganda (The Constitution) seems to be gender sensitive in regard to a number of aspects but is not specifically clear on matrimonial property like a home. The Intestate Succession Law, seems not to favour widows in as far as inheritance rights of the matrimonial home is concerned. The widow is only allowed to have user rights and keep the home for the male heir. What would save the widow is for a husband to bequeath the home to his wife. Unfortunately, very few men make wills and a few that make them really bequeath the matrimonial home to their wives apart from allowing them to occupy the home until she dies. This is regardless of whether the widow contributed to the home or not. Similarly, the divorce law is very silent on division of the matrimonial home upon divorce or separation. The decision is left with the Courts of law to decide. The Registration Act is supportive in as far as giving individuals a right to own property is concerned. However, there is no legal framework for couples to co-own the matrimonial home. The decision is left to individual couples.

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Florence Akiiki Asiimwe , 2006. Gender Dynamics and Homeownership in Kampala Trapped by Laws: A Sociogical Perspective. The Social Sciences, 1: 144-148.

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