The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Page No. 154 - 157

Demography of Aging and Related Problems in Bangladesh

Authors : Md. Ripter Hossain

Abstract: The present paper makes an attempt to study the pattern of aging by sex, locality and socio-culture, economic and health of the elderly in two communities-one urban and another rural, from Bangladesh. The primary data are obtained from a survey conducted in the month of September and October 2005. In the survey 214 elderly (60+) were recorded -160 male and 54 female, 123 urban and 91 rural, only one male was reported to be centenarian, in age groups 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ there were 83.37, 16.62 and .0046% elderly, respectively. 77.57% married couple with spouse, 69.2 living with spouse and children, 49.5% passed SSC examination- 9.9% urban and 22% rural; 39.3% possessed annual household income Tk.5001-1000, 68.2% financially independent, as principal occupation-28% unemployed, 30.4% retired, 24.8% business; as smoking habits-56.1% non smoker, 24.3% smoker; alcohol addiction-97.2% never, 2.3% occasions. As abused elderly was- none 65.4%, mental 31.3%, physical 1.4%. From the multiple regression analysis shows that hearing has the highest standardized regression co-efficient. Similarly, leg has the second highest value, followed by vision, urinary incontinence, household income, smoking habit and occupation. The value of R2 =0.305, meaning that 30.5% variation of aged population is explained by house hold income, principal occupation, smoking condition, hearing, leg, depression, vision and urinary incontinence. From correlation matrix it was found that there were 9 positive values and the rest negative values. Correlation is found to be significant at the 0.01 level/ 0.05 levels. All respondents reported to be suffering occasionally from multiple health problems in waist, ankle, elbow, colic pain, dysentery, cough, headache, urinary incontinence scabies. Except 14 elderly, the rest feel weakness and feverish occasionally. The octogenarian respondent suffers from many health problems.

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Md. Ripter Hossain , 2006. Demography of Aging and Related Problems in Bangladesh. The Social Sciences, 1: 154-157.

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