The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Page No. 249 - 255

Post-Conflict Peace Management in Angola

Authors : Kunle Ajayi

Abstract: Peace-building and peace sustenance pose major challenges in societies emerging from endemic conflicts. Can the demise of Jonathan Savimbi be a permanent road to peace in Angola? Post-conflict peace management is as difficult as conflict management. Management of deep conflicts in divided societies has gone beyond negative peace, which embodies cessation of hostilities by belligerents/insurgents. The challenges in post-conflict Angola are, therefore, the consolidation and sustenance of the seeming peace and the engendering of durable security and political stability. The major concern of the study is to examine the possibility interventions for realizing sustainable peace in post-conflict Angola.

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Kunle Ajayi , 2006. Post-Conflict Peace Management in Angola. The Social Sciences, 1: 249-255.

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