The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Page No. 304 - 307

An Economic Rating of the Pipeline as a Mode of Transport

Authors : Kenneth U. Nnadi

Abstract: The ancestry of the pipeline as a mode transport in its own right is traced to as early as 400 BC. It is most suitable for the transportation of gases and liquids, as well as any chemically stable substance. Technological advancement has extended the frontiers of its application to the transportation of slurry and solid cargo. In the study, the pipeline is subjected to a comparison with other modes, through the methodology of literature review and content analysis . It is found that the pipeline ranks ahead of road, rail, waterway and air in the long distance, strategic conveyance of fluid cargo. The major points of pipeline superiority include, among others, its climatic neutrality, geographical indifference, environmental friendliness and the declining long-run average cost curve associated with it.

How to cite this article:

Kenneth U. Nnadi , 2006. An Economic Rating of the Pipeline as a Mode of Transport. The Social Sciences, 1: 304-307.

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