The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Page No. 351 - 355

Sconservation of Land Use Resources for Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Way Forward

Authors : J.A. Ogundele

Abstract: Resources are physically part of that segment of the physical environment that has a present or potential use for the survival and physical well-being of man, to be developed through the application of technological knowledge. The availability of human uses of these available resources for sustainable development is the chief criterion of resources and if properly managed can provide a regular production or flow for an indefinitely long period of time. Nigeria is abundantly blessed with various land resources of both renewable and non-renewable. The renewable resources include the forest, relief, water, wildlife and non-renewable resources which, like petroleum, have accumulated overtime and which once used and disposed are therefore unavailable. With the rapid growth of the Nigerian population, the societies have been demanding more and more from the earth’s resources and affecting its land surface at ever increasing rate. Unfortunately some renewable resources are being used at rates that exceed the speed at which they can be regenerated. Nowhere is the more apparent than the destruction and deforestation of savannahs and the rainforests. The attention of this study focuses on the various natural wealth on Nigerian land. The quality, quantity and their economic uses of these resources were equally identified. Meanwhile, suggestions were made for optimum utilization of these resources for sustainable development of the country.

How to cite this article:

J.A. Ogundele , 2006. Sconservation of Land Use Resources for Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Way Forward. The Social Sciences, 1: 351-355.

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