The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Page No. 77 - 81

Participation of Local Leaders in Agricultural Development : A Case Study of Kgatleng District of Botswana

Authors : Stephen Kayode Subair

Abstract: The study was conducted to determine the extent of participation of Local Leaders in agricultural development in Kgatleng district of Botswana. This is a descriptive census study in which a questionnaire was used to collect data .The target population of the study was all the fourty- one (41) local leaders who attended a training course at Sebele Farmersí Training center, Gaborone on October 25-30, 2004. The questionnaire administered was developed by the researcher with the help of some literature to capture the objectives of the study. The questionnaire was validated and the reliability coefficient determined using Crombach alpha formula and was found to be between 0.78-0.93. The data collected were analyzed using frequencies and percentages to interpret the personal characteristics of the respondents. Means and standard deviation and rankings were used to interpret the responses of the local leaders regarding their participation in agricultural development. Results revealed that only few areas covered by the local leaders during their training sessions were put to use in their respective farms; while the knowledge and skills gained as a result of their training sessions were rarely taught to other farmers as expected of them. The personal characteristics of the local leaders did not influence their responses towards their training activities. The problems hindering the local leaders from transferring the knowledge and skills acquired during their training sessions to their colleagues included lack of resources on the part of the local leaders and their colleagues, illiteracy, long distances between the location of residences of the local leaders and other colleagues and lack of interest on the part of the farmers.

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Stephen Kayode Subair , 2006. Participation of Local Leaders in Agricultural Development : A Case Study of Kgatleng District of Botswana. The Social Sciences, 1: 77-81.

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