The Social Sciences

Year: 2006
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Page No. 85 - 90

Stress and Coping Strategies: The Case of Working Women in Botswana

Authors : Onyewadume, M.A.

Abstract: The study examined stress factors affecting working women and the coping strategies that they use. The sample comprised 160 randomly selected professional women in Botswana. Data was collected with a factor-analyzed questionnaire whose Cronbach Alpha reliability was 84. ANOVA analysis showed no significant difference among participants in stress factors (F = .369>05 NS) and significant difference in stress coping strategies (F = 9.19< .05). Scheffe post hoc analysis showed nurses and secondary school teachers as homogeneous and primary school teachers as a different subset. Plausible causal factors of the observed stress coping skills difference among the study participants were discussed. The study recommended reduction in workload for nurses, secondary and primary school teachers in Botswana and the establishment stress reduction centers in their workplace.

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Onyewadume, M.A. , 2006. Stress and Coping Strategies: The Case of Working Women in Botswana. The Social Sciences, 1: 85-90.

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