The Social Sciences

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 4
Page No. 442 - 448

Teenage Vulnerability to Parenthood and Interplay of Influences: A Case Study of Ekiti State

Authors : K. Bimbola Odu and J. Ayodele Christian

Abstract: This study was designed to investigate teenage vulnerability to parenthood with particular references to Ekiti State. Two research hypotheses were formulated. The research design used was the descriptive research of the survey type. The population was made up of all teenagers in Ekiti State. To select the local government areas for the study, simple random sampling technique was used. The sample is made of 120 subjects purposively and accidentally sampled from 5 Local Government Areas in Ekiti State. The research instrument used in this study was a self designed instrument titled Teenage Vulnerability to Parenthood Indices (TVPI). The instrument was validated by test experts. The reliability of the instrument was established using the test re-test method at 0.05 level of significance; the result showed that the instrument had a reliability value of 0.98. The instrument was administered on the subjects with the assistance of the nurses of the various hospitals used. It took 5 days to administer the instrument on the respondents, inferential statistical technique as Correlation Matrix and Multiple Regression were used in the data analysis. The study revealed that there is a high positive significant relationship between location and family life education and a negative significant relationship existed between the media and family life education. Also, the result revealed further the contributions of each of the selected independent variables with the media contributing significantly to teenage parenthood and family life education as the least contributor to teenage parenthood. Consequent upon these findings, it was recommended that government should legislate against the indiscriminate advertisement of all brands of contraceptives particularly condoms in our print and electronic media and couples should endeavour to keep their marriage to serve as model to their children because traditional conjugal family where couples live together help to socialize the children because they are builders of the children’s self concept.

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K. Bimbola Odu and J. Ayodele Christian , 2007. Teenage Vulnerability to Parenthood and Interplay of Influences: A Case Study of Ekiti State. The Social Sciences, 2: 442-448.

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