The Social Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Page No. 200 - 206

Effective Teaching of Geography in Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria

Authors : T.O. Adeyemi

Abstract: This study examined the different methods of teaching geography in secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. This is a descriptive research that tends to examine the situation as it is without any manipulation of variables. The population of the study comprised all the 257 secondary schools that presented candidates for the Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) examination in Ondo, State, Nigeria. The sample consisted of 168 secondary schools drawn from the study population through the process of stratified random sampling. The instruments used to collect data were the inventory and a questionnaire. The analysis of data was carried out through the use of the t-test, correlation analysis and multiple regression. The findings showed that the performance level of students in geography was low. The number of teachers in post did not match the approved teacher quota per school. The expository method of teaching was found to be the best predictor of students` academic performance in geography. Based on the findings, it was recommended that more specialist teachers in geography should be recruited and posted to all secondary schools in the State. The State` Ministry of Education should intensify more efforts in monitoring schools to ensure that teachers use the appropriate teaching method that would enhance the effective teaching of geography in all schools in the State.

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T.O. Adeyemi , 2008. Effective Teaching of Geography in Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria . The Social Sciences, 3: 200-206.

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