The Social Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Page No. 235 - 239

Cultural Leadership in Educational Organizations

Authors : Turgut Karakose and Ramazan Erdem

Abstract: The aim of the study is to discuss the importance of cultural leadership for educational organizations and to present some suggestions to school administrators about the management of school culture. For this purpose, the notion of “cultural leadership” is analyzed in connection with “school culture” and the roles of school administrators in cultural leadership are emphasized. As in all other organizations, there are some cultural values in educational organizations as well to lead their staff to institutional success by merging them around the mutual objectives. These values which are shared by both the staff and the students shape the behaviors of the individual. Every school has its own culture that distinguishes it from others. Schools with a strong culture, at the same time, secure a high regard in the society too. The strength of school culture is closely related with the leadership behavior of the school administrator; however, the primary prerequisite for administrators to undertake the cultural leadership is that the organizational culture should be manageable. Some management scientists argue that the components of culture are changeable and thus manageable. Since, culture is a system of changeable and manageable values, school administrators can achieve mutual objectives by merging the staff and the students around the cultural values f the school.

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Turgut Karakose and Ramazan Erdem , 2008. Cultural Leadership in Educational Organizations. The Social Sciences, 3: 235-239.

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