The Social Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Page No. 431 - 435

The Challenges for Teacher Education in the Twenty-First Century

Authors : M.A. Ayeni

Abstract: Any discussion on teacher education is as relevant as discussing human life. Education is undoubtedly life. And no educational system can grow above the quality of its teachers. Teachers, therefore, as educational engineers and directors are the soul of any educational system. Thus, the economic, political, social, technological and even the cultural survival of any nation depend on the spirit and the quality of its teachers. This is true, because there is no substitute for teachers that are committed to their job and dedicated to their nation and their pupils. In clear term, the future of any nation rests in the hands of its teachers, for the qualities they posses today will inevitably reflect in the citizens of tomorrow thereby enhancing a virile society not only for self-sufficiency but equally for self-dependency. This study discusses elaborately the challenges for teacher education in the 21st century by examining the concept of education which is the ‘key change’ agent, problems facing teacher education especially in Nigeria, conditions for admitting students into teacher education and the attendant problems, the programme of study, the recognized institutions for teacher education and professionalising teaching for quality education and the anticipated result of such endeavour.

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M.A. Ayeni , 2008. The Challenges for Teacher Education in the Twenty-First Century. The Social Sciences, 3: 431-435.

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