The Social Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 8
Page No. 654 - 663

The Effect of Excessive Motivation on Sport

Authors : Mehmet Goral

Abstract: The aim of this study is to show the way how trainers and sportmen succeed in excessive motivation and well knowledgement of the causes of excessive motivation on sportman.What makes a person different among other human being is his/her behaviours. There must be a motive to make a behaviour. Individual has motives which provides his/her behaviours and has psychological features which affect these motives. Motivation is one of basic and primary factors of getting success. A person who has different expectation has goals and to struggle for them person needs a good motivation system. First of all it is necesarry to know the existing motivation level of sportman. At this point, different tests can be used for sportman and also being watched the sportman gives us decision about sportmanís motivation. For suitable motivation level, we need energy. This measures with the body of person and condition of wisdom. Motivation is the key of successful life. Sportman which has an excessive motivation is angry and in a hasty, also there is weakness of legs and vibration of hands. Signs of an excessive motivation are: Physiological signs, Shortness of breath, dysuria, general weakness. Psychological signs: angry, lose control of behaviours, abstraction, lack of confidance, an aimless activities. For treatment, warm-up exercises must be done and trainer must speak in a comfortable way.

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Mehmet Goral , 2008. The Effect of Excessive Motivation on Sport. The Social Sciences, 3: 654-663.

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