The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Page No. 248 - 255

Women’s Employment in Private Sector in Iran

Authors : Khadijeh Safiri

Abstract: This study is based on a research done on women's employment in private sector to study the relationship between factors affecting women in work environment and their occupational assessment. The low percentage of women’s employment in public sector (12%), their concentration in medical and teaching professions and their disproportionate presence in managerial and decision-making positions within the wider societal context have offered them an opportunity to seek employment in private sector. The private sector in Iran, is not so much constrained as compared to state employment, thus it has encouraged the presence of women holding higher specializations. Data gathering was done through survey method and the sample consisted of 400 women employed by the private sector at different occupational levels in Tehran (Iran). Results show that women, although face intense competition in labor market and notice gendered discrimination, evaluate their jobs and colleagues favorably and experience participatory management to some extent.

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Khadijeh Safiri , 2009. Women’s Employment in Private Sector in Iran. The Social Sciences, 4: 248-255.

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