The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Page No. 269 - 277

Relationship of Sports with Morality and Sports Morality of Individuals Interested in Sports

Authors : Mehmet Goral , Gokhan Caliskan and Azmi Yetim

Abstract: In this study, problems of sports morality encountered frequently in today have been tried to be explained. Sports morality is face to face very serious problems. Because, lots of events do not suit to sports morality and bruises gentlemanliness occur in sports arenas. Especially use of sports to politics and professionalization caused gentlemanless to suffer harm. Thus, it made happen universal morality principles to be harmed. Sportsmen had lots of money that is obtained through unfair ways and politicians had misbehaviors, which will overshadow to the meaning of sports for the sake of propaganda and politics. Young minds are encouraged to win by families, educators, trainers, administrators, audience and also countries any mora and they are rewarded for that. Everybody wants success and all of rewards are given for it. Therefore, sportsman become to far away from virtue of sports and applies to immoral ways for success that do not abide to moral perspectives. Birth and development of sports are parts of socialization and civilization of human beings. War of first human with nature has a role in birth and development of sports who perceived himself in and under danger. Physical and psychological power that are needed to win this war, struggles, confidence existed as a result of achievement, pleasure are consisted the common basis of sports, which present day. Sports especially appear as humane activity attracts heaps, be an advertisement to politics and ideologies, being commerced has been exposed to change of meaning. Even in olympic games, accepted essence and show arena of sports sports and sportsman brought into a commerce item and this led Olympic thinking to involve in second plan.

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Mehmet Goral , Gokhan Caliskan and Azmi Yetim , 2009. Relationship of Sports with Morality and Sports Morality of Individuals Interested in Sports. The Social Sciences, 4: 269-277.

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