The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Page No. 457 - 462

History, Origin, Beliefs, Rituals and Livelihood of Hun Krabawk Puppet Shows in Central Thailand

Authors : Prajhak Maijaroen, Songkoon Chantachon and Marisa Koseyothin

Abstract: Hun Krabawk or also known as folk puppet show, cylinder puppets, Thai marionette, used to be a favorite past time of Thailand. Modern trends and new types of entertainment from technology and globalization are pushing Hun Krabawk into extinction. Factors driving the disappearance of the arts include; lack of support from the government, lacking of support from the provincial culture office, many new types of entertainments move into Thai society quickly, puppet performance is not well-known, audience cannot understand the art and realize the beauty, less publicity promotion, most puppeteers are senior citizens, new generations do not pay much attention in practicing, low income. Conservation and rehabilitation methods to revive the arts of Hun Krabawk can be done by supporting schools and universities to add Hun Krabok (cylinder puppet) to their curriculum. Hun Krabawk performances should be produced in a form of CD or DVD for students or people to study either at schools or at offices nationwide. Puppet exhibitions and demonstrations should be organized and included in cultural fairs. Create website in Thai, English and other popular languages to promote Hun Krabawk to interested people around the world. Developments of existing Hun Krabawk performances should come in the form of standardization of prices, wages and creating added value by selling souvenirs and crafts. Hun Krabawk troupes or troupe should continue to pass on their knowledge and keep up their performance by being strict to rehearsals and be strict and have sincere dedication to the traditions, rituals and crafts of Thai puppeteer.

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Prajhak Maijaroen, Songkoon Chantachon and Marisa Koseyothin, 2009. History, Origin, Beliefs, Rituals and Livelihood of Hun Krabawk Puppet Shows in Central Thailand. The Social Sciences, 4: 457-462.

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