The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 561 - 566

The Influence of Christianity on Ekiti Political Development 1893-1917: An Historical Survey

Authors : T.T. Bello

Abstract: The concern of this publication is to look into the influence of Christianity on Ekiti political development from 1893-1917 from the historical point of view. The study tried to x-ray the advent of Christianity in Ekitiland. It explains the political structure of the people of Ekiti before Christianity came to Ekitiland. In the study, the role of the paramount rulers in the political administration in pre-Christian era was emphasised. Arms of pre-Christian Ekiti political structure were also examined. Arms of pre-Christian ere were, Elegbes, the Egbeguns, village heads, community heads and family. The duty of these arms is mention in the study. The impact of Christianity on the political structure in Ekitiland be given attention to. The study also, spells out the political powers of the paramount rulers before the advent of Christianity. The strategies used by the missionaries in winning the soul of the people of Ekitiland in the pre-Christian era were discussed. The study will discuss the development of the post Christian Ekiti political administration and the positive and negative role played by Christianity. Conclusively, the publication had discussed the pre-Christian political system in Ekiti. It has also, treated the major political organs together with other arms of pre-Christian rule in Ekitiland.

How to cite this article:

T.T. Bello , 2009. The Influence of Christianity on Ekiti Political Development 1893-1917: An Historical Survey. The Social Sciences, 4: 561-566.

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