The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 567 - 572

Childhood Abuse among Children Involved in Prostitution in Malaysia

Authors : Z.M. Lukman

Abstract: The current study is aim to investigate the link between childhood abuse and the involvement of children in prostitution. Two methods of data collection were used in this study; that is semi-structured interview and narrative interview. Altogether, 63 young women safeguarded from prostitution in two rehabilitation centres participated in this study as respondents. The findings suggest that the vast majority of prostituted young women in this sample are being emotionally and physically abused and half of them are being sexually abused during childhood before they were drawn into prostitution. Around 67% of respondents were found to have suffered from multiple abuse types. Furthermore, the majority of respondents (78.8%) did suffer from multiple negative feelings like feel hurt and angry, depressed, disowned by the family, dirty, useless and wanting revenge.

How to cite this article:

Z.M. Lukman , 2009. Childhood Abuse among Children Involved in Prostitution in Malaysia. The Social Sciences, 4: 567-572.

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