The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 627 - 635

A Panoramic Look for School Sport in Turkey

Authors : Gokhan Caliskan

Abstract: Sport between schools changed into a significant sport organization in last century. The general aim of supporting these organizations is either to provide well physical growing or their personality. In America, college sport started initially by rowing competition as unpretentious between students of Harvard and Yale Academy in 1852. Day by day, it changed into a significant sport organization. To carry out this sport organization systematically in 1920, a sport and activity programme, called NFHS in USA, which has 50 branch offices, serves 1,8500 school and 11 million student was used. The aim was to encourage students for sport by supporting school sport in USA. In Turkey, while generalizing the sport in base various projects were prepared and various organizations were arranged to direct the students to sport. Turkey School Sport Federation was founded by Centric Consultant Council of Youth and Sport General Management for the purpose of programming of all Ministry of Education Foundation’s sport activities in domestic and abroad, determining principals of sport activities, putting into force, on condition that educating a well generation and to increase the number of sportive to providing equipments of these activities and suchlike needs. In provinces, sport organizations between schools and in school were thought to be carried out by Ministry of Education, Physical Education, Intramural and Tracking General Management. It was provided that male-female 4 million students in categories of young, star performers and teenagers attended to intramural, local, group, semi-final and championship of Turkey first rank. The republic enacted various legislations, which encourage the sport and sportive. The republic tried to provide source and being a service area by creating various fund with GSGM law numbered 3289 but it could not be adequate. Having lots of branches in school for sport and equipments for this, to provide the expert trainer’s having duties in school can contribute to generalize the sport basically in the level of school except being a service area and transferring source.

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Gokhan Caliskan , 2009. A Panoramic Look for School Sport in Turkey. The Social Sciences, 4: 627-635.

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