The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 657 - 661

The Trend of Pre-Service Physical Education Teacher in the Period of 15 Years (2008-2022)

Authors : Wanit Nirantranon and Sasithorn Nirantranon

Abstract: The objectives of the study were to analyze the context of physical education teacher production by teacher institutions starting from the period of the third National Education Development Plan (1972-1976) till that of the ninth Plan (2002-2006) and to synthesize the trend of pre-service physical education teacher in the period of 15 years. Descriptive research was used in this study. The population under study were 194 pieces of related documents on the production of the physical education teachers from the period of the third National Educational Development Plan (1972-1976) till that of the ninth plan (2002-2006) and 4 groups of experts related to the production and development of the physical education teachers, altogether 65 persons. The research instruments were open-end questionnaires inquiring opinions of experts in teacher production about the draft trend of pre-service physical education teacher production in the next 15 years and data recording sheets. Tools for analyzing the collected information included a content analysis technique and percentage. Results of the study revealed that physical education teacher production condition during the periods of the third to the ninth Plan was based on the philosophy orientating towards output and process in teacher production more than selecting due the able and moral students into teacher production system. There were a lot of PE teacher production institutions in both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Tourism and Sports, but it was no unity for the PE teacher production policy. Four years ago, there were PE teacher graduates than working as teachers in public schools at a high rate. Moreover, the quality knowledge and teaching techniques of PE teacher were at low level also. Furthermore, it was found that the trend of physical education production in 15 years should be as follows: factors of physical education teacher production were based on philosophy, which focus on input, process and quality of graduates. With regard to the policy should reform physical education curriculum, improve the quality of the faculty members and recruit the able students in sports to study. Process of physical education teacher production was suggested that determining of curriculum should be geared toward the 5 years study, in which students took major-minor, provide more 3 courses such as Thai language for teacher, English for communication for teacher and leadership, emphasize the students be knowledgeable on academic both health and physical education courses, have the tendency to produce fewer teachers in physical education and set up the committees at the national levels to ensure the plans and action taken not only demonstrate national needs, but respond to regional and international calls for quality. Quality of graduates should have good understanding of the physical education content have variety techniques in teaching, be skillful in Thai and international sports have good attitude toward their research, be able to manage physical education activities for the disable, communicate at least 2 languages effectively, apply educational technology in physical education activities and be able to construct school-based curriculum according to educational reform.

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Wanit Nirantranon and Sasithorn Nirantranon, 2009. The Trend of Pre-Service Physical Education Teacher in the Period of 15 Years (2008-2022). The Social Sciences, 4: 657-661.

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