The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 662 - 672

Psychodemographic Predictors of School Attendance Behaviour among Secondary School Students in Osun State, Nigeria

Authors : R.A. Animasahun

Abstract: The study investigated the possible Psycho-demographic variables (Gender, Age, Family type, Spiritual intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Creativity, Self efficacy, Motivation and Goal setting) as predictors of School Attendance Behaviour among secondary school students in Osun State, Nigeria. Multistage stratified sampling methods were used in selecting 626 students with age range between 10 and 21 years from JS1-SS3. They responded to ten valid and reliable instruments, namely: School Attendance Behaviour Rating Scale, Students ’Academic Achievement Motivation, Goal Setting Scale, Emotional Intelligence Scale, Creativity Scale, Generalized Self Efficacy Scale and Spiritual Intelligence Questionnaire. Data analysis involved the use of Multiple Regression Analysis to seek for possible predictive capacity of the nine independent variables on School Attendance Behavior. The results indicated positive correlations among variables and the nine independent variables when, taken together, contributed 64.6%, while relative contributions revealed Motivation as the highest contributor with a β of 0.541, followed by Goal setting (B = 0.248), Emotional Intelligence (B = 0.235), Creativity (B = 0.189), Age (B = 0.080), Self efficacy (B = 0.042), Family Type (B = 0.041), Spiritual Intelligence (B = 0.023) and Gender (B = 0.006), respectfully. On the basis of this finding, recommendations were made that parents must constantly motivate their children to go to school, while Guidance Counsellors need to organize group counselling programmes to teach students on benefits of Western education, Goal setting skills, Emotional intelligence, Creativity, Self efficacy and Spiritual intelligence to reduce truancy to the bearest minimum and encourage school attendance behaviour.

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R.A. Animasahun , 2009. Psychodemographic Predictors of School Attendance Behaviour among Secondary School Students in Osun State, Nigeria. The Social Sciences, 4: 662-672.

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