The Social Sciences

Year: 2010
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
Page No. 21 - 24

Pattern on Bringing up the Edged Persons by Social Cost in Nakonratchasima Province’s Community in Thailand

Authors : Suraphol Chayaphop, Songkoon Chantachon and Prasopsuk Litthidet

Abstract: Pattern on bringing up the aged by social cost in Nakonratchasima Province’s community in Thailand has purposes to develop method of bringing up the aged persons by participating of Nakonratchasima Province’s community in order that it relates to Thailand kingdom Constitutional Act and The Aged Act, 2003. The act has determined various measures bringing the aged up; nevertheless, it has results yet in practice; seeing that the aged were deserted more from their families. This occurrence has damaged beautiful culture of Thai society that is gratefulness to their parents and the elder persons. Research on costing society applying for operation found that bringing the aged up systemically by using relative system being sustainable. For instance, Orphisms’ healthy center in Khonburi district, Nakonratchasima Province had firstly applied a new innovation to them in Thailand in 2005. This innovation is bringing the aged up in pattern of Relation on Family tree: ROF. The aged had been continually looked after as well as co-operation between family, village’s public health volunteers and volunteers on bringing up them. And as well it aimed at looking after the aged at home, 1-2 families a month, innovation in bringing the aged up had three main purposes; namely: to find the real problems on the aged and their families, to make relationship between the aged and persons in family and to make faith in governmental service system. The result of innovation can be concluded as follow: the aged families were the most satisfied, the elder felt that they were worth which descendants had taken care of them. The aged problems had been realized altogether among members and caused of family’s members getting understanding on more looking after them. Returning warmth to Thai social; nonetheless, taking care of them by the families, which had no chains or family’s built networks, was less satisfaction, realizing problems and warmth.

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Suraphol Chayaphop, Songkoon Chantachon and Prasopsuk Litthidet, 2010. Pattern on Bringing up the Edged Persons by Social Cost in Nakonratchasima Province’s Community in Thailand. The Social Sciences, 5: 21-24.

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