The Social Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Page No. 125 - 130

Incumbency Factor and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria’ Fourth Republic

Authors : C. Jaja Nwanegbo and Ikenna Mike Alumona

Abstract: This study examines the impact of the abuse of the power of incumbency on the democratic project in Nigeria. It details contemporary events issues and developments in electoral and party politics that threatens the alternation of power between the ruling party and the opposition. Its central argument is that the character of the abuse of incumbency and its manifestations are the greatest impediments to democratic consolidation in Nigeria. While the phenomenon of political godfatherism has been allowed to dominate the political scene, the electorate has been denied the right of the value of his vote in the market democracy. This was due in large part to the ill structured pattern of electoral governance and the wrong conceptualization of the notion and essence of power by members of the political class. It is the conclusion of the study that genuine reform of the electoral institution and a national re-orientation programme holds the key to solving this crises in the electoral politics of Nigeria.

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C. Jaja Nwanegbo and Ikenna Mike Alumona, 2011. Incumbency Factor and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria’ Fourth Republic. The Social Sciences, 6: 125-130.

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