The Social Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Page No. 131 - 135

Proactive Development Causing a Productive Network of Raw Materials Safety for Hospitals in Thailand

Authors : Ganjana Panurach, Yanyong Inmoung and Amorn Suwannimitr

Abstract: Development of hospital’s food safety apart from the safe production process, there is a need to produce from raw materials without hazardous contamination which dangerous for consumers’ health. But receiving safe raw materials truly is still difficult for hospital then this research has a propose to develop the productive organization group of raw materials safety for hospitals in order to improve hospital’s catering services quality to be safe and helps to reduce illness that might cause from contaminated raw materials. The qualitative research has been used for this research methodology and the example group was four prototyped hospitals of food safety in Thailand, data collection was done by a deep questioning, group discussion (Focus group) and observation from people who have their works relating to food safety development of the four hospitals. Content analysis was used for data analyzing in order to find methodological development and supportive factors that leading to an achievement, there is a finding that the idea of hospital’s food safety development causes a proactive development in producing productive network of raw materials safety. Moreover, the strategies that makes hospitals to succeed in developing productive network of raw materials safety which is caused from: the active strategy usage of business community with pricing mechanism, the change of pricing system and convenient way of payment; participation and co-ordination with out-side related network such as the departments of agriculture, livestock and the group of agriculturists who together help in planning, exchanging data between hospitals, departments of livestock, agriculture and the group of agriculturists, they force to get a change of safe production process and makes income for community agriculturists group; the change of inside hospital’s administration and management system by changing food menus to be suitable with seasonal raw materials and must be available locally; the supports from hospital’s president and food safety development team making hospitals are able to produce and expand the network of producers of safe raw materials for hospitals and out-sided consumers and as well causing a production process of raw materials safety and is friendly to the environment.

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Ganjana Panurach, Yanyong Inmoung and Amorn Suwannimitr, 2011. Proactive Development Causing a Productive Network of Raw Materials Safety for Hospitals in Thailand. The Social Sciences, 6: 131-135.

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