The Social Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 3
Page No. 241 - 249

The Development of a Competency Based Course of Study to Meet Thailand’s Mould and Die Industry Needs

Authors : Sarayut Thonguthai and Sittichai Kaewkuekool

Abstract: The research objective was to analyse whether or not Thailand’s current training programs for mould technicians meet the mould and die industry’s standard competencies and then create a course of study that allows this training to be completed more successfully and efficiently. The analysis looked at the situation, problems, obstacles and needs of the labour force during their training. The research tools used to collect the data were questionnaires and focus groups. The sampling group was chosen by purposive random sampling which included experts related to the development of personnel in the moulding industry. Results revealed that most of the companies in the moulding industry, who responded to this study felt that Thailand’s mould and die personal lacked the knowledge, skills and attitude required for competency standards. Standard competencies in the mould and die industry need to be divided into three levels of personnel: operators, experts and management. The reason for this is that the course competencies are defined by the enterprises themselves. The item objective congruence can be used to define standard vocational competency course for the mould and die industry by the following steps: defining key purpose, defining key role, defining key function, defining unit of competence and defining element of competence. An analysis of competency courses by Delphi technique found that experts, educational institute representatives, related mould personnel development institute representatives and enterprise representatives agreed both times. The difference was that it was higher for the 2nd time although, most medians were at agree-the-most level. Organisations and employers can use standard vocational competency courses as a guide to developing knowledge and job skills of workers and then add to them in such a way as to greatly improve training standards so that personnel meet the professional needs of the industry.

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Sarayut Thonguthai and Sittichai Kaewkuekool, 2011. The Development of a Competency Based Course of Study to Meet Thailand’s Mould and Die Industry Needs. The Social Sciences, 6: 241-249.

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