The Social Sciences

Year: 2012
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Page No. 166 - 171

Agents of Power and Power Relations in Translation

Authors : Saleh Delforouz Abdolmaleki

Abstract: Do you remember the last time you went to a bookshop and had a glance at the shelves labeled foreign books? Do you remember what kinds of books did you see there? Of which genre were they? What types of authors had written them? What was their typical subject matter? Did not you notice that you can see only special and predetermined types of foreign books there? Did not you feel some hands behind those shelves who act as the determiners of what you should and what you should not read? Mighty hands dictating whose works and whose ideas you must know by heart and whose notions and beliefs you are entitled to get aware of? The present study considers the issue of agents of power in translation, the powers who determine what books whose books and by whom a given book is to be read. The powers who are capable of including a minority of readers and excluding others, the powers which do not let you know whose words you are reading and the powers which do not let a translator’s work be published as it was originally created.

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Saleh Delforouz Abdolmaleki , 2012. Agents of Power and Power Relations in Translation. The Social Sciences, 7: 166-171.

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