The Social Sciences

Year: 2012
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Page No. 246 - 251

Niger Delta University and the Socio-Economic Life of Amassoma

Authors : Audu Nathan Pelesai

Abstract: The thrust of this study is to evaluate the impact of the establishment of Niger Delta University, Wilberforce island, Bayelsa state on the socio-economic life of Amassoma city with emphasis on the growth in population of the area in relationship to the availability of basic social amenities. To achieve this objective, researchers employed descriptive statistics in analysing the primary data collected. The findings reveals that there is insufficiency or neglect or total absence of basic necessities and this have put excessive pressure on these needs which has resulted in galloping inflation, thus leading to adverse socio-economic effects of the inhabitants of Amassoma and its environs. The study also reveals that the cost of land has increased 10-fold while buildings sprang up sporadically and haphazardly. Rent is exorbitant and the demand for basic infrastructure is on the increase but they are hardly found or totally absent in Amasoma. Crime has become the order of the day as Amassoma and its environs is gradually becoming a nightmare to the inhabitants and visitors alike. The study therefore, recommend that the rural, local and state government should intervene immediately to put an order in the development of the area in the provision of houses and other social amenities including crime prevention while the university authorities should come up with a plan for more student hostels on campus so that the university remains a place to be as the highest citadel of learning.

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Audu Nathan Pelesai , 2012. Niger Delta University and the Socio-Economic Life of Amassoma. The Social Sciences, 7: 246-251.

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