The Social Sciences

Year: 2012
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Page No. 297 - 302

M-Learning Innovation for Information System Education

Authors : Jintana Asavarat

Abstract: Mobile learning (M-learning) is a new, exciting and promising field. M-learning likely to provide more information rather than knowledge, misses the mark. Information and knowledge are not identical, however the students face some problems and difficulties such as chances to learn, practice and time consuming. This is because experts and media are not enough for them. M-learning is a one thing for creates a variety of ways to deliver and provide electronic resources for learner. It includes many methods such as using system to deliver text, video and animation to learner. Thus, M-learning is professionals cite benefits to learner. The learner benefits from the opportunity to prepare themselves for greater ability increase their competitive in a globalization. This study was designed the interactive M-learning for information system education to visual assistant method for learning and developing ability of students. Researcher used the technique of dynamic computer graphics to establish an animation display system. Therefore, the purposes of this research were to develop the interactive M-learning of Management Information Technology course for information system education based on ADDIE Model and to evaluation the interactive M-learning of Management Information Technology course for information system education. The samples of this study comprised of 30 students from Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, Thailand. The sample was obtained by using the simple random sampling method and used one-group pre-/post-test evaluation design. The results shown that the satisfaction of the panel experts and information system students on the system, the mean was 3.70 with the standard deviation was 0.63, the satisfaction was in the high agree level. In part of one-group pre-/post-test evaluation has shown that the post-test score higher that pre-test score. This can be concluded that the developed system can be utilized for this course.

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Jintana Asavarat , 2012. M-Learning Innovation for Information System Education. The Social Sciences, 7: 297-302.

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