The Social Sciences

Year: 2012
Volume: 7
Issue: 3
Page No. 431 - 434

Nietzsche’s Zoroaster

Authors : Mohammad Hosein Mardani Nokandeh, Hamzeh Sharifi and Reza Saber

Abstract: Thus, spoke Zoroaster is Nietzsche’s the gospel. He may be sees himself another Christ in another era, an era which requires a different glad tiding; glad tiding of a strong and overflowing life. Destroying old values, Nietzsche desires to establish new values. Human beings should pass existing level and it is impossible unless they pass through themselves and release from revengefulness. Nietzsche’s Zoroaster is a teacher who tries to reveal human being from thought of animosity and direct him toward super human. Nietzsche believes that Christian and rational values justify nihilism and he tries to show us a resolution for these crises by Zoroaster and he thinks about the people who are able to encounter with nihilism.

How to cite this article:

Mohammad Hosein Mardani Nokandeh, Hamzeh Sharifi and Reza Saber, 2012. Nietzsche’s Zoroaster. The Social Sciences, 7: 431-434.

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