The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Page No. 335 - 341

The Internet and Human Social Ties: An Exploratory Approach

Authors : Philip O. Sijuwade

Abstract: The present study investigated whether internet usage and type of internet usage are associated with social isolation within internet users. There have been hopes and fears of the internet’s social impacts since it emerged. Among different social impact, this study focuses on the impact of the internet on people’s social connections. The main question of this study is that whether internet usage affects people’s social ties. Based on a social network approach, two hypotheses are suggested. First, the internet usage will decrease social isolation and second, social usage of internet will reduce social isolation. A sample of 100 cybercafe users in the city of Lagos, Nigeria was nominated to participate in the survey. Analyzing the findings, it appeared that both the internet usage and social usage of internet will be slightly associated with reduced level of social isolation.

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Philip O. Sijuwade , 2013. The Internet and Human Social Ties: An Exploratory Approach. The Social Sciences, 8: 335-341.

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