The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 5
Page No. 398 - 403

Greek Philosophy: Christian and Muslim Philosophers’ Apologia for its Enquiry

Authors : Mohd Nasir Omar

Abstract: In the East, Greek sciences and philosophy was studied as early as the 4th century, not however by the Arab Muslims but by the Arab Syrian Christians. Numerous Greek treatises on theology, philosophy and logic were definitely part of their syllabus of learning. Thus, borrowing the words of De Boer in 1970, the Syrians, it is true, produced nothing original but their activity as translators was of advantage to Arab-Persian science. It was Syrian Christians who brought wine, silk and other precious items to the West. But, it was the Syrians also who cultivated Greek sciences for many centuries before they eventually transmitted them to the Muslim philosophers, especially in the 10th and 11th century Baghdad. Among great philosophers who flourished in Baghdad at such times were such men as Yahya Ibn ‘Adi (d. 974) and Miskawayh (d. 1030). The 1st was Christian while the 2nd was the Muslim. This study, thus seeks to investigate their responses to Greek sciences and philosophy which eventually led them towards the acceptance of Greek thought and also towards the need for an apologetic on behalf of philosophical study and on the relations between philosophy and the divine revelation.

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Mohd Nasir Omar , 2013. Greek Philosophy: Christian and Muslim Philosophers’ Apologia for its Enquiry. The Social Sciences, 8: 398-403.

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