The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 6
Page No. 540 - 551

The Paradigm of Constructivism

Authors : Jowati Juhary

Abstract: This concept study attempts to justify the theoretical framework and pedagogical issues addressed in most writings and discussion about learning and to some extent teaching theories. In so doing, the discussion and analysis of this study derives from secondary data gathered through extensive literature review. The first half of this study analyses the history and evolution of constructivism. The second half, then proceeds to examine one application of constructivism in the educational context, namely; student-centred learning. Various theories of learning have been considered but constructivism is argued to provide strong theoretical, as well as pedagogical links to learning through technology, such as e-Learning and simulation. At the same time, as the empirical part of future research of this study discusses tertiary military students and their learning and training needs, constructivism offers learning and training criteria that appear to be particularly relevant to a military setting. This is because all criteria critical for building the guardians of a nation, such as active learning, higher levels of discipline and responsibility, collaboration and critical thinking derive from constructivism.

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Jowati Juhary , 2013. The Paradigm of Constructivism. The Social Sciences, 8: 540-551.

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