The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 6
Page No. 552 - 559

The Role and Interplay of the Family in the Perpetuation of Campus Cultism

Authors : Rasidi Akanji Okunola and Ezekiel Adewale Oke

Abstract: In Nigeria, cultism as a form of student unrest has assumed different dimensions compared to its forms in the past. This social menace has been a source of great concern among stakeholders (parents, university administrators, policy makers, researchers and educational planners) in education sector. On account of cult activities many students have lost their study opportunities, others have died, some have been maimed and not a few were raped while some are still being harassed. The existence of and the attendant nuisances which this group of people have unleashed on the society have cost the country the services of her well trained indigenous and expatriate staff. Though previous studies have discussed this issue and have suggested various solutions to the problem, the present study specifically focused on the role and the interplay of the family in stemming the tide of campus cultism. It is a study that was based on archival research whose discussions were clustered into 4 sub-themes, namely; cult, campus and cultism, cultism on campuses: Sorrow, tears and blood, parents and social control and family-school interplay.

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Rasidi Akanji Okunola and Ezekiel Adewale Oke, 2013. The Role and Interplay of the Family in the Perpetuation of Campus Cultism. The Social Sciences, 8: 552-559.

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