The Social Sciences

Year: 2013
Volume: 8
Issue: 6
Page No. 600 - 605

The Quranic Classification of Human Religions: A Theological Review

Authors : Ibrahim Abu Bakar

Abstract: The Quran clearly and evidently states that humans are created by Allah who has many attributes, such as the omnipotent, omniscient, alive, sustainer, eternal and provider. The Quran is believed by Muslims to be the words of Allah revealed to his last and final prophet Muhammad in the 7th century AC. The Quran explains how humans are created and they have attributes different from Allah’s attributes. By using descriptive and deductive approaches based on some of the texts of the Quran, this study intends to classify and explain humans based on their beliefs or theological doctrines. Based on the Quran, this study also elaborates on the status of their beliefs and destinies of their adherents in this world as well as in the hereafter. This discovers that human beings are classified by the Quran into different religious adherents, such as Muslims, polytheists and the peoples of books since they have differences in their theological doctrines.

How to cite this article:

Ibrahim Abu Bakar , 2013. The Quranic Classification of Human Religions: A Theological Review. The Social Sciences, 8: 600-605.

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