The Social Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 6
Page No. 456 - 459

Indonesian Agriculture Sector: Important but Negligible

Authors : Zulkarnain Lubis

Abstract: Agriculture sector is very important for Indonesian economy, the sector is not just an economic activity to generate income, it has become a way of life or the livehood for most farmers in Indonesia. The agricultural sector has both direct and indirect effect on the national economy and has also shown indisputable contribution to the economic progress of the nation. Although, the agricultural sector is considered important, the reputation of Indonesian agriculture sector is not very encouraging. The fate of farmers is still not much changed; the contribution to the national economy is getting smaller while it is still a heavy burden on employment. The government is also fail to maintain rice self-sufficiency and still importing various food commodities from many countries. The failure to achieve the sustainability of food self-sufficiency was possibly caused by mistake and government policy paradigm in looking at the problem of agriculture, agricultural development bias, land degradation and pollution, destruction of ecosystems and the conversion of agricultural land. The solution which should be chosen to solve the problem is to change output market distortion become a real market, the orientation of increased production become the orientation of increased revenue and the dimension of stability target become the dimension of welfare. The politics of agriculture should lead to the provision of a greater portion to handle output subsystem and marketing in which the main target is to increase farmer exchange rate, so that farmers welfare can be improved. It means, for future economic development program, Indonesia cannot ignore the agricultural sector and should make it back as the national economic development priority.

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Zulkarnain Lubis , 2014. Indonesian Agriculture Sector: Important but Negligible. The Social Sciences, 9: 456-459.

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