The Social Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 6
Page No. 486 - 491

Marketing Students’ Perception of Retailing as a Career Option

Authors : Safiek Mokhlis

Abstract: As retail companies continue to seek ways to increase revenue streams and grow their business, firms may increase the number of graduates employed by the firm. However, negative perceptions among university students potential graduate entrants to the industry towards working in retailing may result in the retail firm’s failure to attract and retain most qualified employees. The purpose of this study was to explore marketing students perception of retailing as a possible career option. A total of 271 marketing students were surveyed using variables identified in previous research. Key findings of this study include the following. First parents, friends/relatives working in the field and personal work experience have the greatest influences on students career decisions. Second, students in general were ambivalence toward a career in the industry. Third, certain segments of student population are more disposed towards retailing, as a career option. The findings of this study have implications for marketing educators and the industry.

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Safiek Mokhlis , 2014. Marketing Students’ Perception of Retailing as a Career Option. The Social Sciences, 9: 486-491.

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